SPI: The Case of the Dark Shadow

SPI- The Case of the Dark Shadow
Author: T.J. Bonham
Publisher: Schiffer Books
Genre: Tween
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4132-8
Pages: 112
Price: $12.99

Schiffer Books
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After losing her mother to cancer and moving, Ellie Hunter is new in town, and just wants to settle down and fit in. So when her new neighbor asks her to join the Shadow Paranormal Investigators group, Ellie reluctantly agrees. But Ellie has had her own dealings with the paranormal, and they weren’t very nice.

Ellie is a natural, and soon finds herself busy helping the group unravel mysteries. The dark shadow that has haunted her since she was a young child has followed her to California, and now the group also sees it. But Ellie’s biggest challenge will be finding her father in Afghanistan and bringing him home safely, using only her ability to see remotely. Can she find him in time?

These four teenaged investigators don’t have the fancy gadgets TAPS uses in Ghost Hunters but they have the fearlessness and inquisitiveness to search for shadows. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that Ellie finds one of the boys especially nice. The ending of this book implied that there will be follow-up mysteries, in what may turn out to be a series. This is a fun read for any wannabe ghost hunter.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

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