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The Red Car That Tyler Wanted

Author & Illustrator: Mary A. Kurban, Ed.D.
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0-692-67003-3
Pages: 20
Price: $7.99

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Tyler sees a little red car in the window of the store, and he wants it very much. His mom tells him that if he’s a very good little rabbit, he will receive it for his birthday. Tyler is exceptionally good. He finishes his milk and carrot, picks up his toys, and folds his clothes neatly before going to bed. After weeks and weeks of very good behavior, his birthday arrives. True to her word, his mom gives him his treasured red car.

A birthday party is planned for later in the day, and until his friends arrive, Tyler plays with his new red car. It’s just perfect and he loves playing with it. But when his guests finally arrive, Tyler has a problem. His mom only purchased party favors for six guests, and one of his friends brought his little brother. When his six friends receive their toys to play with, the uninvited little rabbit begins to cry. Tyler responds in a completely unexpected and heartwarming way, showing everyone that friends mean much more than things.

Tyler models an incredible generosity in not only sharing his toys, but his most treasured possession. Through his actions, he learns that giving is much more enjoyable than receiving. Kids and moms will adore Tyler.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

Mom’s Choice Award Winner Honoring Excellence