children, self improvement

Pause Power

Author: Jennifer Law
Illustrator: Brian Martin
Publisher: Boys Town Press
ISBN: 978-1-944882-49-5
Pages: 32
Price: $10.95

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A boy realizes that it’s easy for people to push his buttons when he gets upset. But until a button named Preston begins to speak to him, he has no idea that HE has control of those buttons – not other people.

Now that he knows he can stop those people from getting to him, he has to learn some techniques. He needs to use “pause power” to take deep breaths, count slowly, and notice how he’s feeling. Then he can make the right decision on how to respond. As he practices, he finds he gets angry less often, knows when he needs to visit the cool down spot, and has a lot more friends.

When kids get angry with others, they don’t usually realize they’re giving their power away. Pause Power helps them take that power back, so they can gain control over their emotions. I highly recommend this book for home and classroom.

Reviewer: Alice Berger