The Secrets We Left Behind

The Secrets We Left Behind
Author: Susan Elliot Wright
Publisher: Skyhorse
Genre: Women’s fiction
ISBN: 978-1-63220-708-1
Pages: 384
Price: $24.99

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She has finally built a life for herself after a rough beginning. Her husband takes good care of her and her daughter, and she’s happy. Although she knows she’s living a lie, she feels secure in the faith that no one ever needs to know the truth. But one day, a phone call out of the blue changes everything.

As she comes face to face with the one man who knows what really happened – and is demanding that she reveal it all – she finds herself reliving the summer of 1976, when it all took place. Alternating between present-day and 1976, her story comes to life, bit by bit. Will she be able to take her secret to the grave, or will he force her to tell all? Would it really be better to be free of such a burden and just let go of all the lies?

The Secrets We Left Behind is a haunting story of uncomfortable choices and their eventual consequences. I found myself sympathizing with the main character’s youthful, quick decision and hoping for everything to work out for the best. This is a well-written, emotional story that lingers with the reader long after finishing it. I highly recommend it.

Reviewer: Alice Berger