Viku and the Elephant

Author: Debu Majumdar
Illustrator: Lynn Wolfe
Publisher: Bo-Tree House
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0983222705
Pages: 54
Price: $12.99

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Viku lives with his parents at the edge of the Shapnobahn Forest in India. His family is poor, and every day his parents go out looking for work so they can buy food. One day Viku gets so hungry that he decides to search for food on his own. When he ventures into the forest, he encounters an elephant – Haatee – in distress. The two become friends and explore the forest together.

In their travels, Haatee brings Viku to the elephant graveyard, where there are many tusks. Because of their value, evil men try to force Haatee to lead them to the tusks, but Haatee and Viku outsmart the villains. And Haatee’s kindness to Viku and his family ensure that they will never be poor again.

Viku and the Elephant is a heart-warming story of friendship and loyalty. Viku shows deep respect for Haatee’s sacred place, only taking what is offered to him when Haatee insists. And Haatee’s gratitude for Viku’s actions is demonstrated in how he cares for Viku and his family. This delightful tale will leave readers cheering as good triumphs over evil.

Debu Majumdar shared his thoughts with us in an interview. Please be sure to read what he has to say!  See also, the sequel, Viku to the Rescue.

Reviewer: Alice Berger