Kennedy Green House

Author:  Robin Wilson
Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group
Genre: House & Home / Sustainable Living
ISBN: 978-1-60832-030-1
Pages: 160
Price: $30.00

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When the home of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his family is flooded, causing a problem with black mold that can’t be eradicated, there is only one practical solution. The decision is made to tear down the existing house and rebuild it using exclusively green technology. Kennedy brings in a team of experts, including author Robin Wilson, for guidance and direction.

In this pictorial showcase of the Kennedy green house, Wilson shows us the various building materials and furniture, and explains why they were chosen. The reader is invited to visit bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, living areas, and the outdoors. The concepts of multi-generational design, energy efficiency, recycling, and sustainability are also touched on as features of this unique home. And a resource guide is provided, to learn more about the products used.

Many of the items were provided free of charge to the Kennedy family for inclusion in Kennedy Green House, and other suppliers have not been mentioned as alternatives. The modern feel of the décor is a bit austere and neutral, but shows up well in these attractive photos. If you’re thinking of remodeling or even building a new green home, this book would be a great resource of ideas.

Reviewer: Alice Berger