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Smithsonian Readers: Seriously Amazing Level 2

Seriously Amazing
Authors: Brenda Scott-Royce, Emily Rose Oachs, Stephen Binns, Ruth Strother
Publisher: Silver Dolphin Books
Genre: Children / Education
ISBN: 978-1-62686-452-8
Pages: 192
Price: 14.95

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Science and nature are interesting for kids, and Smithsonian Readers capitalizes on this desire to learn more about these topics. Seriously Amazing covers nighttime animals, sea life, baby animals, dinosaurs, solar system, and the human body. Beautiful photos fill each page, bringing the text alive and making it more engaging. Each section closes with a multiple choice quiz to determine reading comprehension.

The Smithsonian Readers series is designed for early, developing, engaged and fluent readers. In this level 2 book, kids will read mostly familiar vocabulary balanced with new phonic structures, longer words, and compound sentences.

Smithsonian Readers: Seriously Amazing Level 2 is sure to generate some curiosity and enthusiasm in the home and classroom. I highly recommend it.