self improvement

A Year of Self-Love

Author: Troy L. Love, MSW, LCSW
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Genre: Self Improvement
ISBN: 978-1-64152-764-4
Pages: 234
Price: $15.99

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In our fast-paced society, we seldom take the time to do loving things for ourselves. But without filling our own wells first, we lose the ability to keep giving to others. A Year of Self-Love guides the reader through a year’s worth of positive messages designed to keep us focused on loving ourselves more.

Some days, the entry may be a single quote, such as, “I believe in the essence of who I am and what I was born to do.” Others may involve a short reflection, such as thinking about a moment someone was kind to us and visualizing the experience in detail. Most entries are very short – a paragraph or less, but other days may be a full page. All are easy to read and fit into a busy lifestyle.

While not every entry will resonate with every reader, they will remind us to focus on our inherent self-worth. Self-care is not optional if we want to live a happy and fulfilled life. A Year of Self-Love provides us with helpful support.

Reviewer: Alice Berger