Saltwater Taffy

Author: Eric Delabarre
Illustrator: R.C. Nason
Publisher: Seven Publishing
Genre: Adventure
ISBN: 978-0-9723578-0-7
Pages: 272
Price: $15.95

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A pirate’s treasure is hidden somewhere in Port Townsend, Washington. When the annual clue to the Keys to Lafitte is announced, this time Scott and his friends think they have a shot at finding it.

Old Man Sheesley has already solved the first two clues left behind by Jacques Pierre Lafitte. Now there are only two remaining. But solving the puzzle could turn out to be the most dangerous thing these five friends will do. In addition to treasure hunting, they learn a lot about themselves, what friendship means, and how some of their weaknessess hold them back from being the best they can be.

Saltwater Taffy is a coming-of-age adventure that will thrill the reader with its fast-paced excitement. But any kid who reads this well-written novel will also come away with a sense that he is more than he thinks he is, and maybe even has the ability to stretch himself beyond his wildest dreams. Positive, uplifting and a great read – I highly recommend this book!

Reviewer: Alice Berger