Random God Sightings

Author: Kelly Hanes
Publisher: Columbus Press
Genre: Christian
ISBN: 978-1-63337-265-8
Pages: 194
Price: $14.95

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If it feels as if God is out of reach and that we need to strive to find him, maybe we’re going about things all wrong. Kelly Hanes believes that God is all around us, and He’s just waiting for us to notice Him. In fact, He may be hiding in that random stranger you’ve just met but have a funny feeling about.

Random God Sightings is a collection of stories of Kelly’s moments with God. In these 26 interactions, Kelly shows us how she recognized God in each stranger she meets, and why she believes it really was God. Although He doesn’t reveal himself to her in these exchanges, each brought a smile to her face and a glimmer of recognition to her heart.

God cares about us, and it makes perfect sense that He might still be present with us in our daily lives. Random God Sightings is a reminder to us to look for Him every day. We just might find him at the bus stop or in the coffee shop when we least expect him.

Reviewer: Alice Berger