The Student Life Jacket

The Student Life Jacket
Author: Susan M. Sparks
Publisher: SMS Promotional Ventures
Genre: Education
ISBN: 978-1467506557
Pages: 80
Price: $32.95

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College students on their own for the first time may face hurdles they never anticipated. Managing time, money, health, roommates, cars, and school all at once can be a challenge for the under-prepared. The Student Life Jacket was designed to ease this transition from home to college.

There are five basic topics covered in this guide: Health & Wellness, Housing, Money, Getting Around, and Social Life. Although not exhaustive in the ideas presented, there are helpful tips and motherly wisdom on each topic. Fill-in forms for pertinent information and heavy-duty plastic folders for important papers are also included.

Since I’m an accountant, I would have liked to see a simple budget form to help guide the student in making financial decisions. A breakdown of monthly income and expenses can show how much really is available for those late night pizzas. I also would have liked to see all the forms together in one section, as an easy reference. Having to look inside the section marked “Getting Around” for the networking and reference contacts list makes it more difficult to find.

The Student Life Jacket was the IPPY Best Book of 2013 in the Parenting and Family, Organizers and Planners category. This student organizer would be a great gift for all teens heading to college.

Reviewer: Alice Berger