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Street Smarts: Beyond the Diploma

Author: Jim Randel
Publisher: Rand Media
Genre: Personal growth
ISBN: 978-0-9844418-7-8
Pages: 288
Price: $19.95

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Let’s face it – the diploma will get you off to a great start, but college most likely hasn’t provided you with all the information you’ll need to succeed in life. That’s why there have been so many good books written over the years on this subject. So if you don’t have the time to read them all, Jim Randel has summarized their main points in Street Smarts, a Skinny book on the rest of the important stuff they left out in college.

This unique summary provides snippets of information on the following topics: Seeing yourself as a marketable company, Communication skills, Career advancement and networking, Time management and productivity, Sales and persuasion techniques, Financial literacy, Savvy, Investing, and Personal development.

As with all the Skinny books, a comprehensive bibliography is provided on the topics covered. If a particular idea strikes you and you want to learn more, you’ll know exactly what books to check out. Old-school masters like Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill and Brian Tracy are featured, as well as new and hip author, Ramit Sethi.

You’ve spent four years mastering your subject matter and you’re ready to face the real world. Now you have the rest of your life to develop yourself. Read through these 125 suggestions and explore the bibliography. Your life is waiting for you, and you want to be prepared. Now go out there and be successful!

Reviewer: Alice Berger