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Mister Lemur’s Train of Thought

Author & Illustrator: Mister Lemur
Publisher: Ringtail Learning
Genre: Children / Poetry
ISBN: 978-0-9828866-0-1
Pages: 151
Price: $17.95

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Have you ever been to a petting zoo? Ah, but sometimes the animals have other ideas about what that concept could be. And what might happen if General Jack stepped on a tack? A tack you say? Well, that’s not quite what Hard of Hearing Harry heard.

In these clever rhymes, Mister Lemur takes somewhat ordinary situations and turns them around with a neat twist. Surprise endings keep the reader interested to see how things finally turn out. Dogs don’t normally play baseball, mice aren’t encouraged to hang out as house guests, and genies don’t grant unusual wishes without problems following soon after.

Mister Lemur’s quirky sense of humor and ability to see beyond the obvious keep kids guessing, while stretching their imaginations in a fun way. And the cute line-drawing illustrations artfully enhance these mind-bending poems. Kids of all ages (as well as adults) will love Mister Lemur and his amazing creativity.

Reviewer: Alice Berger