Six Critical Essays on Film

Author: Mike Kimmel
Publisher: Ben Rose Creative Arts
Genre: Movies
ISBN: 978-0998151359
Pages: 146
Price: $14.99

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Serious film students study the classics to learn about the craft of acting and directing. Six Critical Essays on Film provides in-depth critiques of six classic films as a college guide for film appreciation.

The films the author selects are Taxi Driver, Star Wars, Annie Hall, Casablanca, Blonde Venus, and The Gold Rush. In each essay, he explores directing and casting choices, special effects, acting, scenery, and other features that made each film special in its own way. The casual viewer might not notice the fine details in these films, but these essays show us the behind-the-scenes techniques that made each of them memorable.

Final notes to students include a glossary of film terms, recommended reading, and a list of must-see movies. Six Critical Essays on Film would be a handy resource for any student who wants to study the film classics with an eye to details. I highly recommend it.

Reviewer: Alice Berger