cats, children

Said the Kitty to the Cat

Author: Vincent Spada
Illustrator: Steve Whitlow
Publisher: Top That! Publishing
Genre: Children / Cats
ISBN: 978-1-84956-101-3
Pages: 32
Price: £5.99

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An adorable mother cat nestles on the couch with her kitty. They both eye a box full of wonderful treats, and try to find a way to open it. They look for help from the bird, the dog and the fish, but no one is available, and they must wait until their owner arrives to find out what’s inside.

This simple text is written in repetitive rhyme, so children can join in as their mom or dad reads aloud. The illustrations are soft and bright, and kids will want to reach out and touch these sweet, fluffy cats. My one small concern with this story is that the cats are trying to get into a box of candy. Rather than using “sweets,” I would have preferred to see “treats,” to be sure no kids start giving their cats chocolate after reading it.

Said the Kitty to the Cat is a cute, easy to read story that kids will enjoy. And cat lovers will find these darling felines irresistible.

Reviewer: Alice Berger