Summer Sanctuary

Author: Laurie Gray
Publisher: Luminis Books
Genre: Young Adult
ISBN: 978-1-935462-34-7
Pages: 200
Price: $11.95

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Matthew’s best friend, Kyle, has gone away to spend the summer at a farm. His younger brother has reached a growth spurt and is now bigger than he is. And his mom is pregnant. Again. Since Matthew is being home-schooled, he doesn’t even get the summers off, and he has to write a research paper on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. It was going to be the worst summer ever – until he met Dinah.

Dinah is on the run from Child Welfare, waiting for her mom to come home and get her. But until then she needs a place to hang out and hide. Matthew takes an instant liking to Dinah, and offers her his friendship and a sanctuary. The two new friends share ideas, laughter, music and companionship over the next few weeks, forging a strong bond in the process.

Matthew never expects to get so close to this homeless girl, and their time spent together is all too brief. Will they stay in touch by email, as Dinah suggests, or will time apart bring inevitable distance? But in the moments they do have together, they touch each other in ways neither could anticipate.

Summer Sanctuary is a warm and tender story of two teens who find true friendship in a world that is often much too harsh. Matthew and Dinah are interesting and deep characters, and I enjoyed getting to know them both. I highly recommend this beautiful story for all who long to still find caring and goodness in humanity.

Reviewer: Alice Berger