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Nature Recycles – How About You?

Nature Recycles -  How About You?
Author: Michelle Lord
Illustrator: Cathy Morrison
Publisher: Sylvan Dell
Genre: Children / Nature
ISBN: 978-1-60718-6274
Pages: 32
Price: $9.95

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A hermit crab borrows discarded shells to make his home. A caddisfly larva gathers small rocks and pebbles as camouflage against predators at the bottom of a stream. Termites munch on old wood, creating crevices for small animals to use as shelter.

In Nature Recycles – How About You? examples are presented of how these and other animals are using things they find in nature in a new and practical way. The final scene shows kids collecting plastic bottles and aluminum cans while cleaning up their environment, and recycling old clothes by using them as rags. Additional information on the animals in this book and the importance of recycling are included in the appendix.

Recycling is a necessity in today’s world, and this book presents the concept in fun way. Seeing how even the animals recycle provides a great example for kids. I highly recommend this book for classroom use.

Reviewer: Alice Berger