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The Skinny on Direct Sales

The Skinny on Direct Sales
Author: Jim Randel
Publisher: Rand Media
Genre: Self-improvement / Business
ISBN: 978-0-9824390-9-8
Pages: 126
Price: $14.95

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Have you ever considered a career in direct sales? Many people sign up for a sales program without giving any thought about what is involved. They simply expect to go out and start selling. But without adequate preparation, they are doomed to fail.

Jim Randel knows quite a bit about the important steps you will need to take, and he has put together a simple guide to your first 100 days. This no-nonsense book shows how Beth, a stick-figure character, goes into direct sales. Through her experiences and Randel’s commentary, this comic-book style guide leads you through the setup process of your new business.

When early sales aren’t as good as anticipated, many people give up. But with The Skinny on Direct Sales, anyone can be successful in direct sales. I highly recommend this helpful guide.

Reviewer: Alice Berger