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The Mill on the Floss (Naxos Complete Classics)

The Mill on the Floss
Author: George Eliot
Read by Laura Paton
Produced by Naxos AudioBooks
Genre: Classics
ISBN: 978-184-379-6046
Length: 16 CDs (Total time 20:38:08)
Price: $98.98

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In 1860, Mary Ann Evans, known under the pen-name of George Eliot, published The Mill on the Floss. This intricate picture of the life of Maggie Tulliver, born and raised at Dorlcote Mill on the river Floss, begins when Maggie is a young girl. Spanning two decades, the story revolves around the Dodson and Tulliver families.

Maggie’s dearest love is her brother, Tom, who alternately loves and despises her. When her father’s rash decisions leave the family destitute, Maggie is a teenager, searching for meaning in her life. Although she later falls in love, the unsuitability of the match causes her much pain and suffering.

This delightfully complex novel introduces some memorable characters. Each has his own strengths and weaknesses, and no one is entirely good or bad. They are all simply human, struggling in a world that often feels very unfair.

Naxos Audio has presented a wonderful audio adaption of this unabridged classic. Laura Paton does a masterful job of acting the various roles, and providing different voices for each character. The listener almost feels a part of the conversations as they take place. Although reading a classic can often feel dull and difficult, the audio version brings it to life in a brand new way. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to The Mill on the Floss and look forward to hearing more of these unabridged recordings of the classics.

Reviewer: Alice Berger