The Sugar Mountain Snow Ball

The Sugar Mountain Snow Ball
Author: Elizabeth Atkinson
Publisher: Islandport Press
Genre: Middle-grade
ISBN: 978-1-939017-71-0
Pages: 210
Price: $16.95

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Ruby LaRue and her best friend, Eleanor, find themselves with an unexpected free afternoon together. When they spy an announcement for free dream readings with Madame Magnifique, they jump at the opportunity. Both receive readings they are sure hold great promise for their dreams.

Acting on this newfound energy, they immediately jump into action, meeting as often as possible at a spot they dub Dream Central. They plot and plan and work hard, hoping to achieve what they most hope for. Along the way, they bump up against obstacles, but they keep persevering despite setbacks. Revealing any more details about Ruby and Eleanor’s actions would spoil the delightful unfolding of this magical adventure.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know these amazing girls and rooting for their success in reaching their dreams. Middle-grade girls will love The Sugar Mountain Snow Ball.

Reviewer: Alice Berger