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The Peaceable Forest: India’s Tale of Kindness to Animals

The Peaceable Forest
Author: Kosa Ely
Illustrator: Anna Johansson
Publisher: Insight Kids / Mandala Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-60887-115-5
Pages: 32
Price: $16.99

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A hunter once stalked the forests of India. This man not only hunted for food, but also for the joy of killing. One day, the kind Sage discovered an injured fawn. After hearing its sad story, he journeyed on to find other injured animals, all shot with the hunter’s bow. Finally, he tracked down the hunter for an explanation of his actions.

A deep and meaningful conversation ensues, and the hunter repents of his evil deeds. Peace is restored to the forest, and the animals can roam safely once again.

The Peaceable Forest is a beautifully illustrated fairy tale that teaches the value of all creation. Written for children, it inspires them to be kind to animals. And in learning kindness to our animal companions, they may also learn kindness to each other and the whole human race.

Reviewer: Alice Berger