Shamanic Meditations

Author: Sandra Ingerman
Publisher: Sounds True
Genre: Spirituality
Format: 2-CD set
Price: $19.95

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In certain cultures, shamanic journeying is a normal part of ritual life. While certain people seem to have more of a knack for receiving messages and interpreting them, all can experience meaningful journeys. In Shamanic Meditations Sandra Ingerman explains the shamanic process and guides the listener on his own journeys.

There are three main worlds that can be journeyed into – the Lower World, the Middle World, and the Upper World. Depending on the type of journey you are looking for, you can choose where you want to go. These CDs will guide you to each of the three worlds. Ingerman helps the listener to relax and put himself into the mindset of a successful journey, and then guides him to the world he’s chosen. Rhythmic music accompanies her voice, lulling the listener into a more relaxed and open state. At the end of the journey, the rhythm speeds up and becomes louder, “waking” the listener so he can return to this world.

Allowing yourself to journey in this way will bring you to meet your helping spirits – power animals and spirit teachers who can lead and guide you in your life. You may receive clear messages about a decision you need to make or an insight about an action you need to take. Or you may simply return more centered and grounded than when you began your journey. Whatever happens, it’s always for your highest good.

Reviewer: Alice Berger