Amish fiction, Christian

The Courtship of Nellie Fisher

Author: Beverly Lewis
Publisher: Bethany House
Genre: Christian Fiction
ISBN: 978-0-7642-0310-7 / 978-0-7642-0311-4 / 978-0-7642-0312-1
Pages: 352
Price: $13.99

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At seventeen years old, Nellie Mae Fisher is at the courting age, and has her sights on a beau. Caleb Yoder is just the man Nellie Mae wants to get to know better, and she’s pleased when he invites her to go riding after Sunday Singing. But her heart is still heavy after losing her sister Suzy just a few months prior, and she’s consumed with knowing what happened to her before she died.

When the Old Order church is split, Caleb and Nellie Mae find themselves caught in the crossfire, and their relationship is sorely threatened. Can their love persist, or will Nellie lose her heart to the new man who declares his interest? Decisions must be made by all, and not only on whether or not to join the New Order church. Nellie’s dearest friend wonders if adopting another woman’s child is the answer to her barrenness. And her sister Rhoda uses her time of Rumschpringe to decide if she wants to stay Amish or go out into the world.

This was the first Amish fiction series I’ve read, and I have to admit I finished these three books in about a week. This story really pulled me in and I felt such a part of the Honey Brook community where it takes place. While the story is centered on Nellie Mae and Caleb, we also learn so much about the Fisher family and their relatives and friends. I simply couldn’t put these books down. I’m really looking forward to reading other Amish fiction by Beverly Lewis. If they’re as good as this series, I’m in for a real treat.

Reviewer: Alice Berger