cats, children


Author: Kathy Brodsky
Illustrator: Cameron Bennett
Publisher: Helpingwords
Genre: Children / Cats
ISBN: 978-0-578-05059-1
Pages: 40
Price: $19.99

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Purrsnikitty has been chosen from the shelter as the new family cat.  Now’s she’s moved into her new home and settles in quickly. Fully confident in her charms, she does whatever she pleases, sometimes to her new family’s dismay. But when someone new joins the household, Kitty is not happy. What on earth were they thinking, getting a dog? But maybe – just maybe – this new dog isn’t so bad after all.

Told in rhyme, this book shows us all the joys of sharing a home with a cat. Cute illustrations bring this story alive, as children can join in Purrsnikitty’s adventures. Cat owners and kids will appreciate her sometimes destructive antics, while understanding why her family loves her anyway. The last two pages include conversation starter questions about cats and family. Purrsnikitty is a fun read for all ages.

Reviewer: Alice Berger