inspiration, non-fiction

On Admiration

Author: W.D. Wetherell
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
Genre: Non-fiction / inspiration
ISBN: 978-1-61608-071-6
Pages: 208
Price $14.95

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Today’s media sensations dazzle us with their talent, but do their lives bear emulating? While we can appreciate what they do in front of the camera, it may be hard to admire what they do in private. W.D. Wetherell has spent a lifetime watching others and formulating his opinions on why he admires certain people, and he shares them in this book.

Beginning in his youth, Wetherell has been making determinations about folks in the limelight. On Admiration takes us on a journey through his own life story, looking at some of these people. Writers, singers, athletes, cartoonists, and others have been influential, and he shares a little about each and the impact they had on him.

Rather than biographical sketches, we’re given only the information that was important to Wetherell. What he saw may not have been what the camera picked up, or what the critics pointed out, but these people demonstrated something that touched him in a deep way. And in writing this book, he shares about himself and his own hopes and dreams in learning from them.

On Admiration isn’t about today’s pop culture icons, but goes deeper than TV and movie talent. Instead it touches the heart and soul of art, as it used to be. If you’re looking for folks to emulate, you can’t help but be inspired by the list Wetherell has given us in this book, and maybe you’ll find some of your own heroes along the way.

Reviewer: Alice Berger