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The Trouble With Cavapoos

The Trouble With Cavapoos
Author: Stella Dutton
Illustrator: Franfou
Publisher: Quimby & Sneet
ISBN: 978-0-9790832-4-2
Pages: 32
Price: $19.99

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If you’ve ever owned a Cavapoo, you might have discovered they are full of mischief. The Trouble With Cavapoos details their crazy behavior, showing them romping through the mud, chasing cats, and howling through the night. But although they are difficult to live with, the narrator clearly adores her pooches.

The Trouble With Cavapoos is written in rhyming verse, which occasionally stumbles over awkward phrases. The illustrations are clever and funny, highlighting the zany problems this poor owner finds herself in with her treasured pets. Kids will giggle over these funny scenarios.

Reviewer: Alice Berger