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Paw Patrol: Rescue Time

Author: Cara Stevens
Producer: Nickelodeon
Publisher: Studio Fun International
ISBN: 978-0-7944-3867-8
Pages: 32
Price: $18.99

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In Pups Save a Tooth, the Paw Patrol is called to find a missing tooth, which was placed inside a carrot for safekeeping and has now disappeared. But once they locate the carrot, it isn’t quite so simple to bring it back.

Pups Save the Songbirds sends the Paw Patrol on a hunt for some missing songbirds. Their nests are full of eggs but the birds have vanished. First they need to protect the eggs, so the baby birds can hatch. Then they need to find out where the missing birds have gone and bring them back.

This two-story book also includes a projector watch, which allows kids to scroll through the images that correspond to the stories. Each image is indicated by a number in the text of the story. Fans of Paw Patrol will enjoy this fun book.

Reviewer: Alice Berger