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Total Law of Attraction

Author: Dr. David Che
Publisher: Blue Note Books
Genre: Self-help
ISBN: 978-1-878398-26-0
Pages: 168
Price: $19.00

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The Law of Attraction is a hot topic these days, with countless books and films detailing its wondrous results. From the Bible, to The Science of Getting Rich, to The Secret, these principles have been carried with us through the ages. But many false assumptions have been made by those who try to follow this law.

Some of the teachers tell us that we only need to visualize the end result clearly to have something manifest in our lives. But while we certainly do need to focus our thoughts on our goals, there are other things we need to be conscious of in using the Law of Attraction.

Dr. David Che has read nearly all that’s been written about this law, discovering what really works in the process. In Total Law of Attraction, he has distilled this wisdom from many sources into a comprehensive and simple book.

Like Dr. Che, I’ve also read quite a bit about this important law, and I’ve found that many authors simply repeat what’s already been said. They preach a “magic bullet” approach, which seems far-fetched and unrealistic. While Dr. Che hasn’t come up with any new ideas, what he has done in this book is show us only the best and most effective tools in working with the law. He explains why thoughts alone won’t work, and what we can do to make sure our dreams manifest in our lives. If you only read one book about the Law of Attraction, Total Law of Attraction will provide all you need to know.

Reviewer: Alice Berger