The Deadly Sweet Cupboard

Author & Illustrator: Hedley Griffin
Publisher: DangerSpot Books
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0-9546565-0-8
Pages: 32
Price: £5.99

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It’s Harey the rabbit’s birthday, so he and his friends decide to have a party. Harey doesn’t always think before he acts, and he nearly hurts himself and his friends with his carelessness. But when Harey finds the “sweets” in the medicine cabinet, he sends himself to the hospital in an ambulance, lucky to have survived.

Children have no idea of the dangers lurking around the home, and everything is fun and interesting. So they need to be reminded of the disastrous results of trying to eat things they shouldn’t. In The Deadly Sweet Cupboard, kids will read about Harey’s hare-brained behavior and the consequences of his actions. While giggling at the situations he finds himself in, they learn an important lesson without any preaching from parents.

All DangerSpot books include stickers to place on dangerous items as a reminder for kids to stay safe. These books also include practical tips at the end, so parents can be sure no one gets hurt.

Reviewer: Alice Berger