cooking, memoir

Mary’s Place

Author: Mary J. Pelzel
Publisher: North Woods Publishing
Genre: Memoir / Cookbook
ISBN: 978-0-615-34837-7
Pages: 192
Price: $12.95

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Mary J. Pelzel wasn’t always a “Mountain Woman.” In fact, there was a time she was quite content to be a city girl. But one day she and her husband made a visit to a little cabin in Washington near the Wenatchee National Forest, and they both fell in love.

City girls don’t transform into Mountain Women overnight, and Mary has some tales to tell about the process. Facing bugs, snakes, critters and snow, she learns that Mother Nature is stronger than she is, and she needs to adjust. So when Mother Nature gets tough, Mary fights back with a delicious meal or dessert. After all, every Mountain Woman needs to keep up her strength.

Mary’s Place is a humorous part-memoir, part-cookbook, describing life in the North Woods. Mary now runs her own tea shop, featuring her own homemade jams, jellies, breads, soaps, and other goodies. Try some of her own recipes for yummy gourmet fare, or stop by when you’re in town and let Mary pamper you. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy some good times and good food.

Reviewer: Alice Berger