science-fiction, tween

The Prometheus Project: Stranded

Author: Douglas E. Richards
Publisher: Paragon Press
Genre: Science-fiction
ISBN: 978-0-9826184-0-0
Pages: 320
Price $7.95

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Ryan and Regan Resnick are excited to spend a weekend with their parents and other Prometheus scientists on the planet Isis. But as soon as they arrive, one of their team abandons them, taking a hostage and leaving the rest stranded. When the animals of Isis turn predatory, the scientists have little hope of making it home alive.

Luckily, Ryan manages to escape and attempts to get help for the stranded party. He and Regan can communicate telepathically, and the two share ideas and strategies in dealing with their unique situations. They will need to use some determined effort and quick thinking to survive. And when the girl Ryan admires suddenly gets herself caught up in their problems, things get more and more complicated.

Once again Douglas E. Richards has crafted a well-written and enjoyable science fiction novel. All of the information these two smart kids need is provided in the storyline, well before they need to know it. So when they use their reasoning ability to figure out what to do next, the reader already has the knowledge along with them.

I continue to be impressed with the suspenseful story-telling and great characters in The Prometheus Project. Science, logic, and adventure all come together in these wonderful books. I highly recommend this series.

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Reviewer: Alice Berger