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The Prometheus Project – Trapped

Author: Douglas E. Richards
Publisher: DNA Press LLC
Genre: Juvenile / Science Fiction
ISBN: 0-9748765-4-2
Pages: 140
Price: $9.95

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After six weeks in Brewster, Pennsylvania, Ryan and Regan Resnick are looking for anything at all to help relieve their boredom. So, when they discover their scientist parents are working in a top-secret facility where something seems suspicious, they want to find out what’s going on.

Getting in requires some logic and skill, but they soon find that getting out might pose a larger problem, as will saving their mother from certain death.

As they explore this fascinating location, they come across challenges that test their intellect and reasoning ability. Using the scientific method, they need to discover how to navigate this strange environment that occasionally turns hostile on them. And saving their mother will be the ultimate test.

This book held my interest from the moment I picked it up. Just like Ryan and Regan, I wanted to know what was happening in Prometheus Alpha, and I tried to solve the puzzle of how to get in right along with them.

The alien city was reminiscent of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts, where anything could happen, and there were no limits to the places they could go or the things they could do. I would have loved for the kids to spend more time exploring, but under the circumstances, they had no time to waste.

The unique puzzle they needed to solve to save their mother made my head spin, but ultimately their logic was right on. It certainly will give kids something to think about.

This is a well-written and enjoyable science fiction adventure. I highly recommend it.

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Reviewer: Alice Berger

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