The Intellectual Devotional: American History

Author: David S. Kidder & Noah D. Oppenheim
Publisher: Modern Times / Rodale
Genre: Reference / Pop culture
ISBN: 1-59486-744-5
Pages: 378
Price: $24.00

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If you’re looking for a daily bite-sized portion of intellectual stimulation, look no further than The Intellectual Devotional.Written in the style of the daily spiritual guides, this volume is designed to educate the reader in American history, one day at a time.

Each day of the week is devoted to a particular theme:Mondays are Politics and Leadership, Tuesday deals with War and Peace, Wednesday looks at Rights and Reform, Thursday is Business, Friday covers Building America, Saturday is Literature, and Sunday showcases the Arts.

One would expect to see references to our founding fathers in an American history book, but how about the Simpsons, Michael Jackson, and Gone With the Wind?The eclectic mix of topics keeps The Intellectual Devotional from becoming yet another boring reference book that never leaves the shelf.

Many Americans keep books by their bed to read when beginning or ending the day, and The Intellectual Devotional now sits on my own nightstand. If you enjoy learning something new every day, I’d suggest you add it to your own collection. You’ll find it a fascinating read.

Reviewer: Alice Berger