Secondhand Horses (S.A.V.E. Squad: Book 3)

Secondhand Horses
Authors: Lauraine Snelling & Kathleen Damp Wright
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Genre: Children / Horses
ISBN: 978-1-61626-569-4
Pages: 160
Price: $5.99

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This sequel to Dog Daze and The Great Cat Caper features Sunny, who has an annoying problem of starting Great Ideas but never finishing. When she is sent to her Uncle Dave’s ranch, she is expected to help him clean it up while also making sure to keep up on her school work.

Luckily for Sunny, she has the S.A.V.E. squad to help her, especially when she finds herself the new owner of a small traveling zoo. But there’s something strange about this zoo, and she suspects that an intruder is lurking around the ranch, snooping in the barn. It will take a team effort to figure out what’s going on and put a stop to it.

The S.A.V.E. Squad series features four girls from different backgrounds who have become best friends and work together for good causes. Although they have their squabbles, they stick with each other, no matter what. Modeling faith, friendship, and service, this series is also a fun read for young girls.

Reviewer: Alice Berger