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A New Name For Worthless: A Hero Is Born

Author & Illustrator: Rocky Shepheard
Publisher: Crescent Renewal Resource
Genre: Children / Dogs
ISBN: 9780984289745
Pages: 32
Price: $17.97

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A lonely dog huddles in his doghouse, chained and unable to move about. Labeled “Worthless” by his cruel owner, he wishes he could be free. He’s lucky to have friends who want to help him, and one stormy night, they make a daring escape. But will he ever know the joy of being a Best Friend to a special human?

Author and illustrator, Rocky Shepheard, believes that no dog should spend his whole life chained up outside. The organization he supports, Dogs Deserve Better, works to rescue and care for those dogs who are being neglected. In writing this book, Shepheard hopes that it will teach compassion and good pet caretaking to children and parents everywhere.

Although a simple story, A New Name For Worthless: A Hero Is Born sends a powerful message that no dog is really worthless. All dogs deserve a chance to live in a home with love and affection.

Reviewer: Alice Berger