meditation, music

Tibetan Dream Journey

Composer: Nawang Khechog
Label: Sounds True
Genre: Meditation
Length: 60 minutes
Price: $14.99

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After a rough period of recovery and grief from an auto accident, Nawang Khechog made the decision to take his hardships and tragedies into his spiritual path. Using his own pain as the catalyst, he has tried to alleviate the suffering of others through prayer. As a result of his spiritual growth in this area, Tibetan Dream Journey was created.

The gentle flute music is healing and soothing, bringing the listener to a meditative state. In addition to the music, one track shares chanting of the beautiful message “May all be kind to each other.” The Dalai Lama’s inspirational “Chant of Universal Compassion” is included in another track.

Khechog’s peaceful and compassionate nature is revealed to us through this beautiful music that leads us on a journey to our own spiritual center. May all who listen find happiness and harmony in their own lives.

Reviewer: Alice Berger