Kids Say the Cutest Things When They’re Drunk

Author: Dan McQuinn
Publisher: Fauldhouse Publishing
Genre: Humor
ISBN: 978-0-9832553-0-7
Pages: 220
Price: $12.95

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The title to this book may be an immediate turn-off for some readers. I thought it impossible for someone to go so far as to actually write about such an outrageous topic. Thankfully, the title is not indicative of the book’s contents, at least not to that extent. As the cover indicates, it is “a book of pointless satire and vulgar humor.” This is McQuinn’s first published work, and he does indeed hit that mark with perfect accuracy.

McQuinn covers a myriad of topics in a variety of ways. Subjects such as Christmas, parenting, and celebrities, are touched upon through letters, conversations, daily schedules and short paragraphs among others. The consistent item throughout is, of course, the low-brow, sophomoric humor.

With that, I suppose those who enjoy this type of thing may find it amusing.

Reviewer: Gene Berger