Nostromo the Dwarf

Nostromo the Dwarf
Author & Illustrator: Sam Carr
Publisher: Bliss Group Books
Genre: Children / Fairy Tale
ISBN: 978-1-940021-16-4
Pages: 120
Price: $6.99

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A young man unexpectedly discovers Nostromo the dwarf’s hideaway in the woods. After spending the night, he returns home. But a week later, Nostromo sends his dog with a dinner invitation, and a friendship soon develops.

Nostromo tells the tales of his adventures to the young man, who shares them with his child. In a series of bedtime stories, the child hears of Nostromo’s time at sea, meeting a ghost, building his house, surviving a flood, and meeting his animal friends.

Nostromo has lived a long and full life, and has suddenly disappeared. But the young man is convinced of his eventual return, hoping he may have even more stories to tell.

Nostromo the Dwarf reads more like a fairy tale than a novel. The story structure lends itself to read-aloud bedtime stories, just as the father shares Nostromo’s tales with his own child. And although Nostromo’s disappearance is some cause for concern, there is hope he will soon be back, possibly in a sequel. Kids will enjoy hearing of Nostromo’s adventures.

Reviewer: Alice Berger