The Tears of the Prophet

Author: Frederick Tiemann
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing
Genre: History / Islam
ISBN: 978-1-4349-0939-8
Pages: 90
Price: $16.00

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Many of us in the United States were raised Christian or Jewish, and have no real understanding of the Muslim faith. Since the 9-11-01 terrorist attacks, we may even look at Muslims as the enemy, despite knowing that these were the acts of radical extremists. In The Tears of the Prophet, Frederick Tiemann provides a concise reference showing how Islam began, and how it spread throughout the Middle East and beyond, with the goal of educating us about this great world religion.

In the first section, the author introduces Mohammad, who is focused on founding a new faith based on the belief in one god. As this new religion gains momentum, Mohammad’s words are recorded in the Koran, which becomes the basis for belief. Then we see the growth of Islam as followers go out to spread the word in an attempt to convert the surrounding pagan people. The last chapters focus on today’s Islam, and how it continues to evolve.

Islam and politics have historically been meshed, and now it seems they could hardly be separated. Having a better understanding of this great religion can only benefit us as the world continues to change around us. The Tears of the Prophet provides a quick and interesting read to help in this understanding.

Reviewer: Alice Berger