self improvement

People Are Idiots and I Can Prove It!

Author: Larry Winget
Publisher: Gotham Books
Genre: Self-improvement
ISBN: 978-1-592-40437-7
Pages: 224
Price: $25.00

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Some people set goals in life with many being lofty, modest, or otherwise. It could mean embarking on a new career, improving a financial mess, or finally sticking to a renewed lifestyle of diet and exercise. While intentions may be good, excuses, bad decisions, lack of action, and other “idiotic” behavior sabotage their efforts.

Larry Winget’s book, PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS AND I CAN PROVE IT! can lead a person out of the doldrums and help them attain their goals. That is, if they’re tough enough for some honest criticism, and can take his “in your face” brand of truthfulness and assessment. Winget believes that a little kick in the pants never hurt anybody, and it could make you realize that what you really want out of life, you truly have to work to get.

A good number of folks never realize their dreams or aspirations and become frustrated in the process. Winget good-naturedly explains why people are idiots and flounder in a sea of frustration. The high point is that he provides clear and precise ways to reverse the idiocy with a series of “fixes.” His methods are motivational and honest, and folks are encouraged to take a clear assessment of themselves and their lives. A chapter of “action lists” can firmly place one on the path to success and a sense of achievement.

If you are ready to do some true and deliberate soul-searching, while being guided by an author who has been there and done that, then this book should help you immensely. It is not, however, for the sensitive or the proud. But the book will help those who wish to cleverly play their cards they’ve been given as they travel on the road to success and personal fulfillment.

Reviewer: Gene Berger