Shirley’s Cakes

Author: Ambur Lowenthal
Illustrator: Joe Werner
Publisher: Schiffer Books
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4005-5
Pages: 32
Price: $12.99

Schiffer Books
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Shirley does NOT like cake. She despises everything about it – the icing, the pretty flowers and decorations, and the cake itself. And everyone in her home, classroom, and neighborhood knows it.

One day, Shirley goes too far in offering her opinions of cake. Her teacher has to sit her down and remind her that it’s perfectly okay for her not to like cake, but she’s ruining the enjoyment for everyone else. Shirley realizes what she’s done, and comes up with a surprise everyone will love.

Shirley’s Cakes is a delightful book about a little girl who needs to learn some manners, but this lesson is taught in a fun and lighthearted way. Colorful illustrations bring this cute story to life, as Shirley comes to the realization that cake isn’t such a bad thing after all. I highly recommend this book.

Reviewer: Alice Berger