Neurotic November (Mary Magruder Katz #4)

Neurotic November
Author: Barbara Levenson
Publisher: CreateSpace
Genre: Mystery
ISBN: 978-1-5005-1945-2
Pages: 322
Price: $11.99

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Mary Magruder Katz is back in this sequel to Outrageous October. After her short stay in New Hampshire, she has come home to Florida and is now trying to reestablish her law practice.

Her newest client, college football star Jay Lincoln, is facing rape charges. Carlos’s father is caught up in some bank fraud issues, and Mary’s secretary’s fiance (and Carlos’s cousin) is facing murder charges. To add to the stress, Mary is all mixed up about her relationship with Carlos, and her family is pressuring her to commit. Does she really want to stay single, or would she like to get married one day?

Neurotic November is a fast-paced mystery with legal finesse, but there are some editing glitches in this one. Jay Lincoln becomes Jay Washington for a chapter or two in the middle, and there are numerous typos. Unfortunately, I lost respect for Mary in Outrageous October and she did little in this book to earn it back. In my opinion, she’s a spoiled brat who doesn’t deserve a nice guy like Carlos. Read this one for the mystery, but the hot romance is pretty much gone.

Reviewer: Alice Berger