Outrageous October

Outrageous October
Author: Barbara Levenson
Publisher: CreateSpace
Genre: Mystery
ISBN: 978-1480093669
Pages: 306
Price: $11.99

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Mary Magruder Katz has just discovered her hot, Latin lover, Carlos, in a cozy restaurant booth with his ex-wife. After ending the relationship by mail, she packs up and heads to Vermont for a long stay at a friend’s vacation home.

As soon as she arrives, she discovers there was an unsolved murder a year ago in a neighboring home. Her client’s daughter disappears under mysterious circumstances. And a battle over property rights suddenly turns ugly, when one man’s hidden past is revealed.

Mary does everything she can do to forget Carlos, including allowing herself to become involved with Dash, the local attorney. Working for him, she settles into the small town lifestyle. Will she ever return to Miami, or is she destined to stay in Vermont forever?

Outrageous October is the third in this cozy mystery series. However, this story lacks the sizzle of the first two, with the absence of Carlos. Mary’s actions are also questionable and at times not very honorable. Numerous typographical errors are distracting, and the mysteries seem to solve themselves, with little input from Mary. I hope to see Mary back in Miami with Carlos in the next installment.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

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