Concordia’s Complete Bible Handbook (2nd edition)

Bible Handbook
Author/Editor: Edward A. Engelbrecht
Publisher: Concordia Publishing
Genre: Christian / Bible
ISBN: 978-07586-4357-5
Pages: 688
Price: $24.99

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Any serious student of the Bible needs a good quality handbook. When trying to understand the historical background or underlying message, it’s helpful to have some guidance. Whether you are a youth or adult, this handbook is a perfect complement to your studies.

Written from a Lutheran (Missouri Synod) perspective, Concordia’s Complete Bible Handbook offers a book by book summary of the Bible. The editor’s intent is to show how the whole Old Testament points toward Jesus, and how He is fully present in the New Testament.

This is a wonderfully readable handbook that doesn’t attempt to pull the Bible apart verse by verse. Instead, it focuses on themes and key points in each book. It doesn’t attempt to sugar-coat the message into something more palatable for society, but stays true to God’s word. A detailed dictionary of people, places, events and important facts is also included.

I highly recommend Concordia’s Complete Bible Handbook for all who are serious about studying the Bible.

Reviewer: Alice Berger