The Truth About Lies

The Truth About Lies
Author: Tim Chaddick
Publisher: David C. Cook
Genre: Christian
ISBN: 978-1-4347-0524-2
Pages: 176
Price: $14.99

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Jesus spent time in preparation for his ministry by praying and fasting in the desert. After 40 days, Satan came to tempt him. While most of us would probably agree that the temptation to turn stones into bread might be one we’d fall for, the other two temptations seem far less threatening. Worship Satan? No way! Jump from the top of the temple? Hmm, no, I’ll pass. But in all three temptations, Satan was attempting to divert Jesus from his mission in doing the Father’s will.

Satan still tries to tempt us today, and as surprising as it may seem, we see variations of these three in our own lives. Craving certain things to make us happy? We need to learn how to pursue them in the right way. Feel passionate about your religion? We must be careful not to misuse it and hurt others. Looking for success? Even when pursuing great religious goals, our motives may not always be pure.

It’s easy to think that good Christians don’t fall into sin. If we just read the Bible, pray and go to church, we’ll have it made. But Satan preys on those who become complacent and forget that he’s the father of lies. Jesus needed to face temptation to strengthen him for his mission. Maybe Christians also need it to strengthen their faith. And with a strong faith, we can draw others to God through our words and actions. The Truth About Lies shows you how to discern the lies you’re facing and break their hold on you. I highly recommend it.

Reviewer: Alice Berger