The Royal Nappy

The Royal Nappy
Author & Illustrator: Nicholas Allan
Publisher: Red Fox
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-1-782-95025-7
Pages: 32
Price: $10.99

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Royal babies need royal nappies, or diapers, for those of us on this side of the pond. But what kind of nappies would those be? Nanny has been keeping track of them for centuries, as each new king is born. Nappies come in lots of different styles. They can be printed with flag patterns for visiting foreign guests. Or parachutes, for when inside a helicopter. And they can even be super shiny for a slide along the palace floor.

A nappy emergency can happen when nappies are printed instead of money. Or if the nappies run completely out. Now that would be a royal stink! Good thing someone has a spare.

This cute book is perfect for children, who will be delighted by this lighthearted nappy humor. The Royal Nappy is fun and harmless, with no vulgarity. Despite the dirty nappies, this book is clean and a pure joy to read. And if you find Allan’s humor enjoyable, you might also like some of his other books poking fun at reproduction, bums, and the urge to use the bathroom quickly.

Reviewer: Alice Berger