The Walls Around Us

The Walls Around Us
Author: Nova Ren Suma
Publisher: Algonquin
Genre: Teen
ISBN: 978-1-61620-372-6
Pages: 336
Price: $17.95

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Amber is living at a correctional facility for girls, surrounded by hardened criminals, murderers and drug dealers. After one bizarre evening, she suddenly acquires a new cellmate. But Ori isn’t like the rest of them, and the girls wonder at her story.

Violet is a ballet dancer, headed for Julliard. But three years ago, she was responsible for Ori being sent away. What really happened out behind the theater, in the tunnel made of trees? Only Vi and Ori know.

The Walls Around Us tells Amber and Vi’s stories, weaving them together through their common bond with Ori. As their secrets come out, the reader sees their true motives and desires, and exactly what they will both do to accomplish them. This spooky psychological thriller is a page-turner with a surprising and satisfying conclusion.

Reviewer: Alice Berger