Gorillas in Our Midst

Gorillas in our Midst
Authors: Richard Fairgray & Terry Jones
Publisher: Sky Pony Press
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-1-63220-607-7
Pages: 32
Price: $16.99

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“You should always carry a banana with you,” Gorillas in Our Midst wisely advises. Gorillas can be found everywhere and are really hard to spot. They’re masters of disguise and often have jobs that let them wear masks. Sometimes small gorillas go to school. You can tell that there are a lot of gorillas in your town if the grocery stores are always out of bananas.

Kids may not realize gorillas hide right in their midst. And they might not know that the child in their class is really a gorilla in disguise. They never know where a gorilla might appear, so it’s best to be prepared. Always carry bananas.

Reviewer: Alice Berger