Becoming Generation Flux

Becoming Generation Flux
Author: Miles Anthony Smith, MBA
Publisher: Kompelling Publishing
Genre: Business
ISBN: 978-0-9884053-3-2
Pages: 188
Price: $16.95

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Those who cling to traditional employment models are struggling to survive in our current economic climate. Today’s generation doesn’t have the luxury of linking up with a solid employer and working up through the ranks over the next few decades until retirement. Instead, they may have to switch jobs every two or three years in order to generate a better income.

Becoming Generation Flux addresses the challenges faced in finding meaningful and financially rewarding employment. This guide tackles difficult topics such as whether or not to go to college, how to find and keep a job, and how to know when it’s time to leave. And it offers tips on how to handle living on a reduced income during those times of transition between jobs.

As the economy demands specific skills for open-ended positions, today’s worker will need to learn to adapt to those new needs or risk becoming obsolete. This book provides an interesting and informative overview of what to expect and how to cope in this new global workplace.

Reviewer: Alice Berger