children, finance

Can I Have Some Money Please?

Author: Twyla Prindle
Illustrator: Lorie Miller Hansen
Publisher: Prindle House
Genre: Children / Personal Finance
ISBN: 0-9759527-2-2
Pages: 32
Price: $7.95

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Little Twyla wants some money, but she doesn’t know how to get it.  Someone wise explains there are three simple steps to prosperity.  If she can follow these spiritual steps, she will have as much money as she needs.

Prayer, tithing and generosity are all important in creating an abundance of money. Children and adults alike will read, in gently flowing rhyme, how to create that positive energy that attracts wealth into one’s life.

Can I Have Some Money Please? is not really about income, but more about trusting in the source of all wealth – God. If we trust that our needs will be met, and don’t hoard what we do have, we will always receive all we need.

Reviewer: Alice Berger